Meritos Trade is a prop trading company, founded by real professionals in trading, data science, software development, and IT project management.

We have created an environment that drives innovation and growth.
Our process relies on trading, advanced research and data analysis, strategy development, and creation of trading systems in different markets and for different instruments. We provide all the tools needed for each and every team member we decide to work with on their path to growth.

Our goals are ambitious, and those daring to take an active part in reaching them with us will have their chance to make history.
Who we are?
What we do?
Trade US stock market

We give the opportunity to trade shares in the US stock market (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) and provide with all the tools needed for trading and
day-to-day research.
Proprietary Tools
We pursue a modern approach to everything we do. Being a modern trading business means bespoke software tools and computation power, leveraging human intuition and skills. We create a proprietary ecosystem of tools, which provides us with speed and precision in our everyday decision making.
Everything free
We earn money on trading, but not on trading education. Though we do share our expertise and guarantee employment for the most talented students.
Work with us
We are looking for skilled professionals. If you are an ambitious professional with proven experience - we are happy to welcome you on board.
Send your CV
A brief overview from your previous work experience. If you have no experience, please list your skills, courses, or achievements.
For Trainees
Phone interview
We will discuss the details and expectations from both sides. We will introduce you to our company and answer your questions. This will help you understand if the vacancy is feasible for you. We respect your time, that's why we don't set up a personal meeting without discussing the details of the work over the phone.
Start Career
We'll get to know each other and understand if we're on one vibe.
You'll get a minimal understanding of trading and capture the processes within the company.
The test will determine your level of logical and mathematical abilities.
Improve your professional education. If there is a stable dynamic of your growth and development - we continue our cooperation.
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